Science, Technology and Mathematics

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."
Isaac Newton

Science is taught throughout the school and by specialist teachers in Secondary. Our teachers are experts in their fields and we have a practical approach to learning so wherever possible students will learn through doing experiments. This hands-on approach allows students to explore scientific theories and discover for themselves what is written in the text books.

Technology strongly supports learning. We use Seesaw and Google Classroom as our online learning platforms. From the Early Years onwards, students use iPads, and later Chromebooks in class, and have access to a well-equipped computer lab, creating projects that show their understanding. Art classes delve more into using digital graphic design tools to explore a range of techniques. Sport and science classes graph and analyze data from trials and experiments while many other courses use technology to look critically at their sources to examine validity and select appropriate resources for their research. A continued emphasis on digital citizenship and academic integrity also plays a key role.

Mathematics is of course taught throughout the school, with a planned and aligned progression from Early Years through to Secondary, based on a ‘mastery’ approach. Students apply their mathematical knowledge to solving authentic problems.