For children aged 3 to 15

Summer is the best time of the year to have fun! That’s why at the BCA Summer Camp we make sure that, in addition to being fully immersed in the English language, students have a blast. A weekly excursion to 360 ​​Extreme or Pal Mountain Park, as well as daily workshops, outdoor games, sports and English classes, are only some of the activities on the agenda.

The BCA Summer Camp is a day camp co-run by the British College of Andorra and Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès. Each week is a new experience with a different theme, so students may enroll for as many weeks as they like.

Who is the programme open to?

The BCA Summer Camp is open to students born between 2007 and 2019 who are currently enrolled at BCA, as well as students from other schools.

Groups are formed keeping in mind students’ levels of English and age.

Planning del BCA Summer Camp

Planning for students aged 3-5

Planning for students aged 6-12

Planning for students aged 13-16

360Extrem & Caldea

The weekly Wednesday excursions are, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the week.

During weeks 1 and 3, students will go to Caldea, Andorra’s thermal spa, where the younger students will enjoy a stay at Likids and the older ones will go to the general Thermoludic area, accompanied by Summer Camp staff.

During week 2, students will go to 360 Extrem, Andorra’s leading freestyle center. There, students can learn how to do jumps and flips on trampolines, take skateboarding lessons and work on their gross motor skills. We’ve also organized gymkhanas, gymnastics and stretching.

Planning for students aged 3-5

The following changes will be applied to the planning of groups of children aged 3 to 6:

- This age group will work with a weekly book-based theme (e.g. Jack and the Beanstalk and The Little Red Riding Hood) and the first two daily sessions in the planning will revolve around this theme. Some activities will include preparing a play, working on the vocabulary found in the book (through games, such as Bingo and Memory), creating and presenting storyboards and making crafts.

- Lunch time will start earlier, at 12:30.

- Nap time will be optional (depending on parent requests). Those who don’t nap anymore will have some down-time after lunch.

- Children up to the age of 6 will form part of the same group. There will, however, be sessions during which the students will be separated and will work in subgroups, according to their age-related abilities.

Planning for students born as of 2017

The daily planning has 3 different segments; a more academic one (where we work on improving students' fluency), a more creative one (via our workshops) and an outdoor one, where we carry out sport competitions or water sports on our trampolines or bouncy water castles. Students are separated into subgroups, factoring in their age and level of English.

The goal of this daily session is to improve the students’ fluency and gain confidence when speaking English, especially in front of other people. Aside from an initial more academic warm-up, where students work on their vocabulary and go over Cambridge exams (where applicable), activities such as debates and presentations are organized in English. Here are some of the activities on the agenda:


Role-plays (6-11):
We put ourselves into the shoes of others and act out different roles.
Tik Tokers (12-15):
We look into a famous tik-toker, analyze why they’ve become so popular and recreate some of their videos.


Bookworm Book Club (6-8):
Interactive story-telling sessions accompanied by music and crafts.
Bookworm Book Club (9-11):
We read fragments of books and, after discussing the plot, students come up with a possible ending and present it to their classmates.
Role-plays (12-15):
We put ourselves into the shoes of others and act out different roles.


Art Techniques (6-8):
We look into and work on a variety of art techniques.
Words that Win (8-11):
We debate and defend different points of view on topics such as making school uniforms mandatory, shutting down zoos and banning violent video games.
Photoshop (12-15):
Students learn basic photoshop skills and edit the photos taken in the Tuesday Outdoor Photography workshop.


Time to Craft:
Students put their creative skills to good use and prepare a fun craft, ranging from a tye-dye project to Aqua Bead creations.

Students will put on their creative caps during BCA SC’s workshops.


Lego Masters (6-11):
Students are given a Lego challenge and their creations are put to the test!
The Art of Magic (12-15):
Following a few performances, students are taught a series of magic tricks which are then practiced and performed in front of others.


Nature Masterclass (6-11):
Students connect with nature in this fun and educational outdoor activity.
Outdoor digital photography (12-15):
We learn how to make the most of your digital camera (smartphone or tablet) and look into a few cool editing apps.


Masterchef Junior (6-11):
Hands-on, delicious and fun cooking classes where our young chefs get the chance to chop and mix their way to different yummy dishes.
Blindfolded Video Games (12-15):
Students put their communication skills to the test as they guide their blindfolded colleagues through video games, ranging from Tetris to Mario Kart.


Blindfolded Video Games (6-11):
Students put their communication skills to the test as they guide their blindfolded colleagues through video games, ranging from Tetris to Mario Kart.
Nature Masterclass (12-15):
We connect with nature in this fun and educational outdoor activity.

Each afternoon students will engage in a variety of exciting, outdoor activities and sports.

· Let’s Get Wet: This is surely to be one of the highlights of the week. Students have the chance to take part in water gun fights, compete in water slide races and get wet while jumping on outdoor trampolines with water spray accessories.
· Multi-sports & Obstacle courses: An afternoon of engaging competitions, including beach-ball volleyball, football and basketball, as well as obstacle courses and competitions.

Pricing, discounts, schedules & bus service

The weekly price of BCA SC is 225€ per student for the full-time option (9:00-17:00) and 155€ for the part-time schedule (9:00-13:30, without lunch). Students will be supervised between 8:45 and 17:15 at no additional fee. Please note that BCA SC is a summer day camp and will not be providing housing for students.

Discounts are offered for multiple weeks, as well as for siblings. The multiple week discount is 10% and is applicable as of the 2nd week. The discount for siblings is 20% and is applicable to 2nd and 3rd siblings. Discounts are not accumulative.

BCA SC is also providing an optional bus service with a single stop at Parc Central at a weekly fee of 20€ per student. The bus will leave at 8:40 and will return at 17:20 and any discounts do not apply to this service.


Although the BCA uniform is not necessary for BCA SC, all those enrolled in the program will receive 2 summer T-shirts (included in the fee). T-shirts will need to be worn during BCA SC hours.

School Meals

BCA SC lunch will be freshly cooked on site every day by the school’s 'K L'Irina' Catering Service. We commit to offering students a varied, balanced and healthy diet. A morning snack will also be provided. Most food intolerances and allergies shall be respected.


The program will be run by qualified native English teachers, both from the BCA and Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès staff.
Experienced monitors with a high level of English fluency will work together with the native teachers during the afternoon activities, as well as during the morning workshops, putting their creative skills to good use.

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