A culture of thinking

A Culture of Thinking

The academic culture at BCA is extremely important to us. Our students are purposeful and have a sense of pride in their studies. They learn to understand that the way in which they approach their education and the mindset they bring with them each morning is crucial to their enjoyment as well as their academic success. We want our students to be active learners. We want them to challenge and discuss, question and debate but always in a respectful manner and with humility. Naturally, we also expect our staff to model this mindset and approach to their own work and professional learning.

This culture of thinking has as its foundation our Guiding Statements

Early years




academic subjects

Each and every subject plays a key part in providing breadth and knowledge, and in developing diversity of perspective. Moreover, interdisciplinary links are made so that students learn to appreciate and construct a rich and connected tapestry of knowledge and understanding.