wider curriculum

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Is designed to challenge young people between the ages of 14-24 to attain standards of achievement and endeavour in a wide variety of active interests – to serve their communities, experience adventure and to develop and learn outside the classroom. The award runs four sections: Volunteering, Skills, Physical, and Adventurous Journey. During Volunteering, students give their time to help in their community through activities such as litter picking, teaching a language, or working in a home for senior citizens. In Skills, they will progress in a particular interest such as crafts, cooking, or gardening. Within Physical, they will develop in a physical activity such as a sport of interest, hill walking or any strenuous activity. Finally, in their Adventurous Journey, students will display their skills in an overnight stay where they will be assessed on their navigation, cooking and tent building. 

There are 3 levels to the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. As students move through each of the levels, they will enter their progress in an online record book. The Award is not only a great way to develop skills and confidence while having fun, but it is also a prestigious award which can give university applications a boost. Get involved and explore your surroundings!

After School Activities

An extensive program of after school activities are planned every term to truly enrich and extend the curriculum for every student.

Activities range from sports to board games, cooking to additional language lessons, and offer a fantastic opportunity to experience new things whilst encouraging them to mix with other students around the school and work with different coaches and teachers. .


Our Sports programme and PE lessons form a curriculum subject. We are extremely proud about our outstanding facilities which include an all weather football pitch and a multipurpose sports hall. With these new facilities, we will now develop a fixtures programme with other schools.

Secondary Clubs

The Secondary Clubs programme is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in a wider variety of activities that will stretch and extend them in different ways and give more opportunities for students to express their interests. It is also a route to develop student leadership, with roles developing in certain clubs and we encourage student-led clubs as well. Clubs allows students to mix year groups as well so helps to build the school community. BCA is also very pleased that in the first year of the clubs programme we have had 2 local and 1 international trips as well as students leading assemblies. We also want the clubs programme to lead the improvement and development of the school with sports teams and other initiatives that are longer-term developments.


At BCA, we encourage our students to interact with their environment and explore the world from an early age. Our trips and excursions are linked to the curriculum topics, enhancing learning through first-hand experience. Trips are an exciting, involving, and valuable experience for all our students, both academically and socially.

EYFS and Primary

Short local trips provide new experiences including outdoor learning in the forest, visiting museums, and exploring the local area. For upper primary students we will introduce trips further afield to encourage independence and bring students closer to their peers.

Secondary School

Trips are an important part of school life.There are a variety of opportunities for short and extended trips. Some trips are part of the required curriculum (such as Geography fieldwork) whilst other trips may be optional but highly encouraged.

An annual residential trip for each Year Group gives all students the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities, build a sense of unity within the year group and encourage social development.