Academic subjects

Each and every subject plays a key part in providing breadth and knowledge, and in developing diversity of perspective. Moreover, interdisciplinary links are made so that students learn to appreciate and construct a rich and connected tapestry of knowledge and understanding.


Guided by mother-speakers who are experts in language acquisition, this is the place to develop bilingual fluency in English. At the same time, at BCA we greatly value and recognise our multilingual context! We are proud of what all our students bring to the learning environment.


Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are at the core of the curriculum, and IT is well integrated. A highly practical apprach is favoured: learning by doing, in authentic, real-life contexts. A high level of knowldge and understanding is developed in each subject, and interdisciplinary links further help to develop 21st century skills.


The Arts are a critical part of any good curriculum and allow for students to express themselves in ways in which they may not always be able to in other subject areas. Strength of personality and individuality are aspects of a child's character that we believe should be developed as early as possible. Visual and Performing Arts are on the curriculum from the very start of Early Years and are taught by a specialist teacher from Year 7 onwards. Arts are also available through a wide range of extracurricular activities at lunchtime and after school.


Humanities are a key part of the curriculum in developing an appreciation and knowledge of human history, human activities and our environment. In the Early Years, an area of learning called ‘Understanding our World’ begins this process. Here in Andorra we are surrounded by a whole host of natural wonders, and environmentally and historically important locations, and not so far away are the cultural wonders of Northern Spain and Southern France. As students move up through the school, they increasingly engage in learning about global affairs, politics, economics and the business world, through study, debate and discussion.

Physical Education and Sports

The BCA Sports Programme offers students the chance to develop through sports. All students have weekly PE lessons. Through these sporting opportunities, students will have the ability to grow physically, mentally, and socially. Teamwork, dedication, goal setting, and a sense of community are the main components. Additionally, for one term a year, the curriculum includes a weekly Swimming lesson to students from Early Years to Year 9. Other sporting activities are offered to our students as a part of the After School Activity Programme.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Student Wellbeing is central to successful academic outcomes. A PSHE programme is delivered by the class teacher or form tutor, and it is their responsibility along with all of the other staff, and in partnership with parents, to support our students through childhood and adolescence. Our curriculum features Health and Relationships Education and Sex Education, and provides our students with the knowledge and awareness to look after themselves and others, and make good decisions.