Guiding Statements


The British College of Andorra provides opportunities for all our students to achieve academic, artistic and sporting excellence, lasting physical, spiritual and mental health, and to be inspired to accomplish personal and professional success.

High Quality Learning

Is encouraged within authentic contexts

Being meaningful and linked to real-world issues and events, and recognizing the power and relevance of an interdisciplinary approach.

Is constructivist, and inquiry-based

Involving an active process in which students construct meaning by linking new ideas with prior knowledge. Inquiry may involve play, projects, questioning, discussion or investigation, and involves problem-solving and critical thinking.

Is cyclical and progressive

Involving phases of action, feedback and reflection.

Is both individualized and collaborative

Recognising and including each student as a unique learner, and developing their interests, skills and potential. Differentiating and providing support as needed. Recognising that collaborative learning and co-construction of knowledge in groups or teams is as valuable as individual endeavour.

Fosters student agency

Providing opportunities for student self-determination and leadership, for example in influencing and making decisions affecting their own learning. In this way, learning thrives on a positive student-teacher relationship, and promotes wellbeing.

Promotes intercultural understanding

Recognising the school’s rich local context and culture, the importance of the British curriculum, values and culture, and the wider international context of students, as young global citizens.

We value..

We value and seek to develop the following attributes and outcomes for our students:

communication skills


appreciation of diversity

ability to solve problems

sense of responsibility

commitment to sustainability





team-working skills



Inspired by the BCA Values v.1 (2018-2021), results of BCA Community Survey 2022, the IB Learner Profile, and the Round Square Discovery Framework

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