The Primary school will be an exciting hub of energy, creativity and innovation.  It is the 'engine' of the school preparing children for life-long learning.  As such great emphasis is placed on nurturing an intrinsic motivation to succeed and developing the many personal skills that will ensure success in life.  

On entering one of the Primary classrooms you will find a warm and energising atmosphere in which the children thoroughly enjoy their varied experiences.  You will sense a strong sense of teamwork and support; between teachers and children as well as between the children themselves.  

Naturally,  great emphasis is placed on the core subjects of English and Mathematics.  An accomplished level of English is imperative for future success in the school and every effort is made to equip children with refined skills in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  The latest versions of the National Literacy and Numeracy strategies are utilised and teachers plan carefully to develop the children's language and mathematical skills, both through focused and specific lessons every day and also across the whole curriculum.  

The school’s philosophy is to follow an integrated approach to delivering the rest of the curriculum combining different subject areas to engage under one topic or investigative question.  During the scientific aspects of the integrated curriculum children explore the world in which we live; learning methods of analysis, hypothesis, observation, designing, as well as carrying out experiments to explore ideas practically.  Children investigate historical and geographical elements using sources and wherever possible engaging in practical experiences.  Teachers attempt to be creative, involving art and design work and even incorporate musical aspects at times.  Children will enjoy weekly Physical Education within the campus.  As well as enjoying a variety of sports, skiing will be prioritised. 

All chldren will be taught Catalan and they will also explore the History nd Geography of Andorra.