Dear Parents,

I am delighted and enthused to be setting up The British College in Andorra. A new school is not only the bringing together of teachers and pupils but signifies the creation of a whole new community of families and professionals, all with the common aim of providing a modern, quality education for the children. 

We have made a good start by acquiring the use of the Alberg La Comella, a building well suited to the project's needs in a privileged location. However, schools are essentially about people and it is important that all the members of the new community understand clearly the aims of the project. As the academic leader, I want all parents to be fully aware of what The British College will offer, and, through meetings and personal communication be clear about our priorities for the children.

I will be bringing my long experience as a school leader to ensure that the pupils are safe in school and that they enjoy their learning. Once they have settled in, the children must wake up in the morning and want to go to school and should return home in the evening talking about the new things they have learned, not just by listening to their teacher but through a variety of interesting experiences. 

The British College will not be like any other school in Andorra. That is why I am very much looking forward to meeting you and to talking to you about what we offer your child for the future and also to listen to your expectations and hopes.


Howard Thomas
Director General
Education in Excellence