Welcome from the General Director

I am delighted to be joining the leadership team in Andorra as an educational advisor to the proprietor and a mentoring peer to our Head Teacher. I met many of you at parents events last term and I will be taking an active role in this academic year in the strategic development of both our schools in Gava and Andorra. Working with Lisa Mason-Jones is a great pleasure as I have seen how professionally she is leading the school under the mission and values of our organisation. To have watched the school grow in size and spirit during the last year has been a pleasure and I hope I can make a small contribution to the ongoing development of BCA. My professional background has been in secondary schools around the world and as our students in Andorra grow towards their GCSE and Sixth Form years I hope to provide the school with some expertise and ideas on how to achieve this. I will be making a number of visits during the year to Andorra and I hope we will meet on occasions to share our hopes and dreams for the school. I am so excited about the future of the school and I hope, with the full support of the community, to help provide a strategic framework to ensure the current success of the school is sustainable in the years ahead. Working closely with Rafael Valverde, we aspire to bring the best governance for our wonderful leaders and teachers to be able to do their job successfully and give our young students the excellent education they deserve.

I wish all of those involved in the school the very best for the academic year ahead.

General Director
Education in Excellence