Our Mission

In order for our students to enjoy life long fulfilment, The British College of Andorra provides opportunities for all our students to achieve academic, artistic and sporting excellence, lasting physical, spiritual and mental health and to be inspired to accomplish personal and professional success in the 21st century.

The school’s mission is achieved by:

  1. Nurturing an awareness in every student of their personal value and the value of others, both as individuals and members of the school community, achieving self-esteem and embedding a ‘can do’ attitude.  
  2. Providing challenges that fall within the extended grasp of the students which require innovation, creativity and problem solving.
  3. Fostering the students' intellectual curiosity, independence in learning and motivation to work hard in order to achieve academic excellence.
  4. Equipping the students for work in the future through the ability to both lead and form part of a team, to be flexible and adaptable, to talk in public with confidence, to possess emotional intelligence, ambition and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities.
  5. Instilling in the students, a mature sense of their obligations as a member of the school community and as a local and global citizen. 
  6. Educating the students to value and respect diversity; be non-judgmental in the face of differences, and, through intellectual reflection across the curriculum, ensure their social, moral and spiritual development.
  7. Providing the students with opportunities to become a confident user of new technologies and to understand how they work and the extent of their application.
  8. Reinforcing the importance of healthy habits and giving the students the information necessary to make wise choices in his/her everyday life.
  9. Providing opportunities for trips, excursions and experiential learning for each student to reflect, analyse and draw conclusions from their experiences.
  10. Fostering an inner happiness in every student as well as an understanding of how to contribute to the happiness of others.