The British College of Andorra is a private fee paying school. Please find below information about fees, including enrolment conditions and financial responsibility.

Accepting a place in the school implies observing the financial regulations of the school. There is an exceptional registration fee that is only made when a place is available as part of the application process to enter the school. This fee is non-refundable. The fees are monthly. For more information, please contact the admin department.


Age Class Fees Includes
3 age Nursery

9.250 € / per annum

925 € / per month

4 age Reception
5 age Year 1
6 age Year 2
7 age Year 3

10.750 € / per annum

1.075 € / per month

8 age Year 4
9 age Year 5
10 age Year 6
11 age Year 7

11.750 € / per annum

1.175 € / per month

12 age Year 8
13 age Year 9
14 age Year 10

12.750 € / per annum

1.275 € / per annum

15 age Year 11
16 age Year 12
17 age Year 13


 Admission    2.500

Paid on student's admission to the school. There is a 50% discount for siblings. Non Refundable Rate

Enrollment fee    600

Annual payment. Paid on confirmation of the pupil’s place for the following school year. Includes school material, books, , school insurance and continuity insurance.


10 monthly payments. There is a 20% discount for the second sibling and others following.

School bus          OPTIONAL

The school offers a transport service for those who request it.

School uniform

Use of official school uniform is obligatory.  Purchase from the school uniform shop during the designated hours.   




1.    Admission

a)    A place in the School is applied for by completing the enrollment form.
b)    No pupil will be admitted unless all requirements have been fulfilled.
c)    To obtain a place in the School the parents must pay the admission fee indicated in the price list. 
d)    When a pupil is admitted the following documents must be presented:

•    Birth certificate or photocopy of the relevant page in the ‘libro de familia’, ID document or passport.
•    Official medical certificate and vaccination book.
•    Passport size photo.

2.    Payments

a) Payments must be made monthly in advance during the first five days of each month. School fees  (including lunch) are YEARLY FEES.

b) Invoices must be paid via direct debit, signing the authorization form provided by the School. Any change on bank details must be announced 20 days in advance in order to avoid bank rejections. Bank rejections 15€ will be charged to parents.

c) Parents and guardians have the duty to pay, on time, the corresponding educational fees and other academic expenses. The non-payment of TWO consecutive months will be cause of contact SUSPENSION with the school and the student won’t be allowed at the school. If it a third month is over, we will FINALIZE the contractual relationship with the school, with the consequent loss of the student's place (expulsion or non-renewal) and the possibility of claiming unpaid amounts with legal means.

d) No amount will be returned or decreased due to a pupil’s absence, whether it is owing to illness or any other cause.

e) Notice of a school term must be given in advance, if a pupil is leaving the School. If less notice is given the fees for the current term must be paid.

f) The enrolment confirmation corresponding to each school year will be paid in a single annual payment, in the month determined by the school during the previous school year, and after having received the signed confirmation letter from the families. Confirmation of enrolment must be made within the established deadlines. The College reserves the right to cancel an enrolment or free places in the College for the following school year if we don’t receive the signed letters on time.  If there is ANY payment pending, the re-enrolment cannot be confirmed by the parents.

g) Admission and matriculation fees will not be returned under any circumstance.

h) The homologation fees for the Baccalaureate Degree and the UNED fees are not included in the school fees. These must be paid in advance according to the indication the school will provide. Application fees for UK Universities through UCAS are not included in school fees. These must be paid in advance as well.

i) The tuition fee does NOT include Cambridge and Edexcel exams. Exams from other universities or institutions are not included.

3.    Regulations

a)   Parents/guardians will accept the School Policies, a copy of which will be given to them at this point.
b)   The School reserves the right to expel pupils who do not follow regulations.
c)   The parents/guardians of pupils are obliged to observe the Statement of Values and the School Policies, as well as proper care and respect for the institution. Serious failure to fulfill this obligation affecting the image and good name of the School, will give rise to corresponding disciplinary action, which may result in the expulsion of the pupil from the School.
d)   Any deliberate damage caused to the property of the School, the teachers, other employees or pupils will be the responsibility of the guardians of the pupil in question. 
e)   Pupils must wear the correct uniform when attending the School, as well as any official act that is organized. All uniform garments must be marked with the complete name of the pupil. 
f)    If a pupil cannot attend School for any reason, the parents/guardians must communicate this as soon as possible. When the pupil returns to the School s/he must bring a note from his/her parents/guardians justifying his/her absence.
g)   Pupils may not leave the School unaccompanied without the express consent in writing of their parents/guardians.
h)   The parents/guardians of pupils that use the School’s transport service should give advance notice if for any reason they decide to use another method of transport.
i)    For younger pupils who are normally picked up by their parents, the School will need written permission if any person unknown to the School will be picking them up.
j)    Entrance to the School facilities will not be permitted without authorization or express invitation, except for the Secretary’s office, and then only within the established times.
k)   Normally textbooks are the property of the School and they are loaned to pupils. Pupils may keep them until the end of the year if they are authorized to do so.
l)    The School will not be responsible for care of pupils outside of school hours, except in the case of optional lessons.
m)  The School has an insurance policy that covers accidents that may occur to pupils during the activities that are carried out during the school day. In the case of an accident that appears serious, the pupil will be taken to a first aid clinic.
n)   Parents/guardians of pupil must inform the School about any changes to the information given during the enrollment of the student.