Curriculum at The British College of Andorra is based on the latest National Curriculum of England and Wales.  Objectives covered at the school are exactly as you would find in a school in the UK and as such it is easy for students to move in/out of the school from other British schools in the UK or abroad.  The National Curriculum provides an outline of objectives around which teachers are able to develop exciting and stimulating lessons in order to promote the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum.  

The British College of Andorra prides itself on adopting a ‘personalised learning’ approach.  What this means practically in terms of curriculum is that while the National Curriculum objectives are worked towards, the talented teachers have autonomy to adapt the content and teaching strategies to the specific needs of our students.  Students aged from 3 to 14 years learn by means of an 'integrated curriculum' approach with one overriding theme anchoring learning across all subject areas.  Of course the manner in which this is achieved is adapted according to phase and maturity of the students.  

Curriculum at The British College of Andorra is best described as ‘personalised’, ‘creative’, and ‘forward thinking’ as teachers attempt to provide the most stimulating and meaningful educational experience for the students in their care.