We have prepared a list of our most frequent questions, with a short answer to each of the questions

The school day begins at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm. For families that require it, we have a ´Breakfast Club´ in the mornings. Students are served breakfast and supervised until the first hour of lessons begins.

We offer various options, both artistic and sporting. There will need to be a minimum amount of children for specific activities to run.

Yes, we are a British school and all the lessons are taught in English, as if it were a school in the United Kingdom. The only exception is that we offer the compulsory minimum Catalan curriculum, which is equivalent to 4 weekly lessons.

Yes, students receive a reasonable amount of homework based on their age and ability; it increases according to their level and age. In all cases, students will be given adequate time to complete their homework and they can organise their time so as not to interfere with family life or activities outside of school.

Students do not need help from their parents to complete their homework. Parents only need to check that homework is completed.

Your child simply needs to carry a case with a pen, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener and proper ruler. All other educational materials are provided by the school, including textbooks for students. Children from Nursery to Year 2 do not need to bring any educational equipment.

The individual treatment that we give our students guarantees that this will not happen. Each lesson has a range of skill levels, be it in languages, maths, or even sports. The expectation of teachers at BCA is to provide differentiated work, typically at 3 levels, so that the weakest students are supported and more competent students have challenges. This is fundamental in the philosophy of BCA.

Future students, from 6 years of age and older, will participate in an evaluation session with one of our teachers. The evaluation is done through an informal conversation type interview, to ensure that students feel comfortable. In this way it is possible to discover much more about the individual needs of each student than with an evaluation or written test.

After the interview and the general assessment of the level of English and individual needs, the school will make a personalised recommendation. If your child has a low but acceptable level of English, enrollment will be made on the basis (condition) that he/she attends 'Acceleration of English' classes that will take place during school hours. If your child has too low an English level to access the British curriculum, the recommendation will be to delay entering school until their level is sufficient. Given this case, it is necessary to look for a tutor outside of school hours or to enroll in a language academy before returning to an interview with BCA.

Lunch will be served in our dining room. Eating lunch is an important part of the BCA day where the acquisition of healthy eating habits and appropriate table manners are encouraged. For this reason, eating a school lunch is mandatory. The food is prepared in the kitchen of the school and we follow a healthy Mediterranean diet with varied menus. We publish the menu information monthly on the web.

The school has the responsibility to satisfy any nutritional need of our students. Whenever parents bring a medical note, their child will receive a menu according to their specific circumstances.

Yes. All students at BCA wear the mandatory school uniform, including a sports uniform.

Our school will have a maximum (a priori) of ONE class in each year group, from 3 to 18 years. We admit a maximum of 25 students per class. This maximum occupation is always reduced in SECONDARY, when students begin to choose subjects, and even more so in Year 12 and 13.

Yes of course. All classes go on a one-day field trip at least once each term. From Year 5 onwards, students have the opportunity to participate in a residential trip. Students up to Year 9 remain in Spain for these trips, while students from Year 10 and up have the opportunity to travel abroad.

Students who graduate at 16 years of age take the IGCSE exams (IGCSE is the abbreviation of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education). These are external exams established by the 'Edexcel Examination Board' for which BCA is an officially registered centre. The GCSEs cover compulsory subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, and also offer a variety of elective subjects.

Then, students have the option to progress to Sixth Form and take A Level tests (Advanced level) at 18 years of age. Once again, established by the Edexcel Examination Board, students choose between 3 and 5 subjects of their choice that they study for 2 intense years.

The students of British Schools often access universities in the United Kingdom or the USA, although others prefer to continue their studies in the public or private universities in Spain. BCA students graduate with A Levels, a globally recognized diploma, which opens doors to universities in almost any country in the world. The BCA will apply to be an IB World School in the future.

Los alumnos de Colegios Britanicos acceden a Universidades tanto nacionales como británicas, en función de muchos factores de índole económico , familiar o por supuesto, de acuerdo a los estudios que quiera seguir. Con frecuencia acceden a universidades en Reino Unido o USA, aunque otros prefieren continuar sus estudios en Universidades públicas o privadas en España. Los alumnos de BCA se gradúan con A Levels, un diploma reconocido globalmente, que les abre puertas a universidades en casi cualquier país del mundo. El BCA se postulará para ser Colegio del Mundo IB.

According to the order EDU / 1161/2010 of the Ministry of Education of Spain, students who graduate from British schools do not need to apply for 'Selectivity' to access the university in Spain, but they must, of course, comply with the equivalent requirements in the United Kingdom. The completion of GCSEs and A Levels are sufficient requirements to apply to the university entrance system.

In that case, your child must be presented to the specific test of the Selectivity. At BCA, we will prepare our students for that specific test.

Completely. The courses studied at BCA allow their students, at any time, to change if they wish to any other public or private school in Andorra, Spain and the United Kingdom. The BCA has signed an agreement with the Government of the Principality for the recognition of their studies.

BCA has successfully passed a NABSS inspection (National Association of British Schools in Spain) in order to obtain its full authorisation from the British Council (the British authority on education in Spain, valid in ANDORRA) to provide EYFS and Primary education .

The authorisation will be extended to the following school stages, Secondary and Baccalaureate.

BCA also has the authorisation of GOVERN of ANDORRA.