We’re pleased to announce that, as of this summer, the British College of Andorra will be launching a Summer Day Camp in collaboration with Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès, an English academy located in Andorra la Vella, which works with highly qualified, native teachers (www.singular.ad/equip).

The weekly programs, aimed at students aged 3 -14, will run throughout the month of July and will consist of English classes, public speaking sessions, workshops (cooking, nature, video games, etc.) and lots of outdoor fun, including water games and a weekly day trip to Grandvalira’s Mon(t) Magic. 

Who is the program open to & how are the groups formed?

The British College of Andorra Summer Camp (BCA SC) is open to students currently enrolled at BCA, as well as students from other schools who would like to give their English a boost while having a great time.

Groups will be formed keeping in mind students’ levels of English and ages, which is why a level test is required for those interested in signing up for the course (level tests are optional for BCA and Singular students). The level test lasts around 25 minutes and includes a spoken and multiple choice evaluation (level and age appropriate). It can be done online via Zoom Pro or in person at Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès in Andorra la Vella at no additional cost.

There is no minimum level en English required to enrol students into BCA SC, as groups will be formed per age and level, based on the level test results.

How many weeks can I sign up for?

Although the general weekly planning is set, the actual content of each of the activities will vary week to week, allowing students to sign up for multiple weeks. 

What activities are included in the program?

The global goal of the course is to make sure students have a great time while improving their English skills. Here is more detailed information about the activities which will be offered each week (the activities for students aged 3-6 will be adapted to their level and age. Some of the more academic sessions will be replaced by outdoor exploring. More detailed information coming soon):

· Daily English Lessons

While there will be more of a focus on spoken fluency and vocabulary building in the daily lessons, all the activities will be presented in a fun and interactive way, making use of BCA’s interactive whiteboards and games. Elements of the Cambridge exams will also be present (applicable to those groups which are mature enough and have a strong enough level to take on such content). Parents will also be informed at the end of the week of their child’s exact level and if their child would be ready to present themselves for an official exam if they were interested in it. Practice exams are also available to all those interested in some additional, independent work.

· Public Speaking Sessions:

The aim of the Public Speaking Sessions is to help students gain confidence when using the English language. All the sessions will be adapted to the level and ages of the students.

· Words that Win: Students will work in sub-groups and defend their perspective on topics such as making school uniforms mandatory, shutting down zoos, banning violent video games, banning homework, etc. Students will also need to do some online research to find images supporting their arguments.

· Bookworm Book Club: Younger groups will have interactive story-telling sessions accompanied by songs and dancing, whereas the older students will read fragments of books. After some comprehension questions, students will need to present a possible ending of the story to their classmates.

· Once Upon a Time: Students will need to prepare a storyboard of their favorite book or story and present it to their colleagues. 

· Time to Craft: Students will prepare a fun group craft and explain the steps of how it was done at the end of the sessions. Examples include tie dye t-shirts,  yarn wrapped cardboard letters and origami.

· Grandvalira’s Mon(t) Magic Day Trip

Students will, without a doubt, look forward to the Wednesday day-trip to Grandalira’s Mon(t) Magic, one of Andorra’s outdoor amusement parks with countless activities, including canoeing, paddle boats, pedal car races, trampolines, acro jumps and mini golf.  

· Fun in the Sun (afternoon activities)

Each afternoon students will engage in a variety of exciting, outdoor activities and sports. 

· Let’s Get Wet: This is surely to be another one of the highlights of the week. Students will have the chance to engage in water balloon and water gun fights, compete in water slide races and get wet while jumping on protected outdoor trampolines with water spray accessories.  

· Outdoor Team Challenges: Students will get into teams and compete against each other in classic games, such as marble runs, relay races, tug-of-war and times structure building. Students will also carry out some of the more popular challenges, including the Bottle Flip Challenge, the Not My Hands Challenge and the Whisper Challenge.

· Multi-sports: An afternoon of engaging sports competitions, including beach-ball volleyball, football, basketball, and badminton. 

· Workshops

Students will put on their creative caps during BCA SC’s workshops.

·  Masterchef Junior: Hands-on, delicious and fun cooking classes where the young chefs will get the chance to chop and mix their way to different delicious dishes.  

· Nature Masterclass: Students will connect with nature in this fun and educational outdoor activity. Tree-planting, nature scavenger hunts and pine cone bird feeders are among some of the activities on the agenda.

· Let’s Get Scientific: Our young scientists will bring various concepts to life in this interactive, hand-on session. We will build on what students may have already learnt in school to broaden their understanding of life, earth and physical sciences. 

· Blindfolded Video Games: Students will put their communication skills to the test as they guide their blindfolded colleagues through various video games, ranging from classics, such as Tetris and Pacman, to more modern games, such as Mario Kart.

· Optional Math Brain Cruncher Sessions

These sessions are a great opportunity for current and/or future BCA students (aged 8 and higher), interested in consolidating their Maths skills prior to the start of the 2021-22 school year. An experienced teacher will walk students through the basic math concepts they should be familiar with and will focus on each student’s weaknesses. 

Students who choose this option will have math tutoring 2 days per week (in place of the workshops).

Planning for students aged 3-6

The following changes will be applied to the planning of groups of children aged 3 to 6:

- This age group will work with a weekly book-based theme (e.g. Jack and the Beanstalk and The Little Red Riding Hood) and the first two daily sessions in the planning will revolve around this theme. Some activities will include preparing a play, working on the vocabulary found in the book (through games, such as Bingo and Memory), creating and presenting story boards and making crafts.

- Lunch time will start earlier, at 12:30.

- Nap time will be optional (depending on parent requests). Those who don’t nap anymore will have some down-time after lunch.

- Children up to the age of 6 will form part of the same group. There will, however, be sessions during which the students will be separated and will work in subgroups, according to their age-related abilities.

Princing, discounts, schedules & bus service

The weekly price of BCA SC is 225€ per student for the full-time option (9:00-17:00) and 155€ for the part-time schedule (9:00-13:30, without lunch). Students will be supervised between 8:45 and 17:15 at no additional fee. Please note that BCA SC is a summer day camp and will not be providing housing for students. 

Discounts are offered for multiple weeks, as well as for siblings. The multiple week discount is of 10% and is applicable as of the 2nd week. The discount for siblings is of 20% and is applicable to 2nd and 3rd siblings. Discounts are not accumulative. 

BCA SC is also providing an optional bus service with a single stop at Parc Central at a weekly fee of 20€ per student. The bus will leave at 8:40 and will return at 17:20 and any discounts do not apply to this service.


Although the BCA uniform is not necessary for BCA SC, all those enrolled in the program will receive 2 summer T-shirts and 1 cap (included in the fee). T-shirts will need to be worn during BCA SC hours.

School Meals

BCA SC lunch will be freshly cooked on site every day by the school’s 'K L'Irina' Catering Service. We commit to offering students a varied, balanced and healthy diet. A morning snack will also be provided. Most food intolerances and allergies shall be respected.

Group Sizes

The teacher/monitor vs student ratio will be 1:10 and there will be a maximum of 20 students per group. Group sizes will be reduced during the academic sessions (Class Time, Public Speaking and Math Brain Cruncher sessions). 


The program will be run by qualified native English teachers, both from the BCA and Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès staff. 

Experienced monitors with a high level of English fluency will work together with the native teachers during the afternoon activities, as well as during the morning workshops, putting their creative skills to good use.

How can I register?

If you’d like to register your child for the BCA SC, please fill out the following enrolment form:

For further information, please contact us via e-mail (summercamp@bcandorra.com) or phone (+376 813-988).