The British College of Andorra Project


The promoters behind BCA are citizens of Andorra and care for this country and its potential. In a twist of fate, the individuals in Andorra were acquainted with the co-founders of the British College of Gavà, and invited them to participate in their exciting vision. Both parties identified the lack of an International, high-quality college where English could be taught by means of a strong and proven educational model. Ultimately, they decided to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity and they set their sights on the hostel "La Comella" which boasts wonderful facilities and surroundings; a perfect setting for a British school.

The promoters are working relentlessly to implement and offer the best educational model and services for a healthy and happy student body. They believe in the potential of the future pupils and realise how important their international education is, seeing as they are the future of the country.

The British College of Andorra will open its doors this upcoming September 2018, for students ages 3 to 11 years old. The classes will grow annually until reaching the last Year prior to university (18 years old).

The school will be an official exam center for Cambridge University, and we will perform GCSE and A levels examinations that will give our students access to the best universities in the United Kingdom, Spain, USA, as well as other countries around the world.

The excitement and quest to learn continually comes from within, and our role at The British School of Andorra is to facilitate and enrich that intrinsic quality by motivating students, build their determination and reinforce their love for learning which will ultimately help them face any challenge.

Characterised by enthusiasm, professional ambition and a sense of responsibility, The British School of Andorra will offer a stimulating alternative, an education imparted in a creative and qualitative manner with a distinctive style. The school has an important road ahead, breaking down the barriers of traditional education and offering its students modern learning methods and tools that will enable them to face the challenges of the future through an INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION by means of a British curriculum.